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  • capital city: Madrid
  • bordering countries europian contries surrond Spain
  • continent

  • Flag
    Not **just a list. Choose 3
    • when they eat at about 12:00 AM 7:30 AM 5:00-6:45
    • Special meals - fish shrimp are 2 of the meals they eat

    Optional Topics

    Population is:45200737
    distribution throughout country
    • total
    • ethnic groups
    • Traditional Dress
    • Currency
    • Religion
    • Holidays/Festival they like to selebrate christmas they eat 12 grapes at midnight on new years eve
    • Art the people of spain like to paint and to make pottery
    • Dance they do ballet and Flamenco is one of there famous dances
    • Climate
    • Sports/activites mountain climbing,mountain,biking,fishing,golfing,skiing,swiming
    • Population 45200737 current
    • Langauge the people of spain speek 75% spainish 25% english
    • Music
    • National Anthem was withdrawn somehow
    • Famous Monuments
    • Coat of Arms Represents the Royal Spanish Kingdom. The two castles are derived from the Kingdom of Castile The rampant lions are derived from the Kingdom of Leon.
    • Literature
    • Drama calderon is one of the famous drama things in spain
    • Marketplace