Map of France
France's Flag

World Map
  • capital city -Paris
  • bordering countries -Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra and Spain.
  • continent -Europe

  • colors/symbols and what they represent- The red and blue come from Paris and the white comes from the King's floor.
  • year adopted-Febuary 15/1794 (French flag is called "tricolore")

  • Not just a list. Choose 3 -cheese,bread,
  • when they eat -Morning, Noon, Evening
  • Special meals - customs while eating

Optional Topics

  • distribution throughout country
  • total
  • ethnic groups
  • Traditional Dress
  • Traditional_dress_France
    Traditional France Dress
  • Currency
  • France_money_coins.jpg

  • Religion -About 85 percent of the French are Roman Catholic.
  • Holidays -Festivals,Carnivals,Fairs,Dances
  • Art
    Art from France
    Art from France
  • Dance hip hop,ballet,modran irishand tap
  • Climate-Winter +7f to -45c,Summer +16f to +61f,
  • Sports football,handball,vollyball, basetball and table football
  • Population -59,047,000 (estimate)
  • Langauge -Francais
  • Music-Classical,Folk,Pop,Tencho,Funk
  • National Anthem Ye sons of France, awake to glory,
    Hark, hark, what myriads bid you rise:
    Your children, wives and grandsires aging,
    See their tears and hear their cries,
    See their tears and hear their cries!
    Shall hateful tyrants mischief breeding
    With hireling Hosts, a ruffian band
    Affright and desolate the land,
    While peace and liberty lie bleeding?

    To arms, to arms, ye brave!
    ThMarch on! march on!
    All hearts resolved on victory or death.

    O sacred love of Francy, undying,
    ThThy defenders, death defying,
    Fight with Freedom at their side.
    Soon they sons shall be victorious
    When the banner high is raised;
    And they dying enemies, amazed,
    Shall behold they triumph, great and glorious.
  • Famous Monuments
  • Coat of Arms
  • france-coat-arms.gif
  • Literature
  • Drama
  • Marketplace